Language and Learning Stars Program (Ages 6-11)

Overview: Welcome to the Language and Learning Stars Program! We specialize in nurturing school-aged children (ages 6-11) with a unique blend of language enrichment and academic support. Our program is designed to cater to the diverse needs of each child, helping them to excel both linguistically and academically.

Our Program Highlights:

  • Language Enrichment: Our curriculum is centered around enhancing language skills. We focus on expanding vocabulary, improving grammar, and enhancing reading comprehension through a variety of engaging activities.
  • Academic Support: We offer personalized academic support in key areas such as math, science, and social studies, ensuring that each child receives the guidance they need to succeed in school.
  • Individualized Attention: Recognizing that every child is unique, our experienced educators provide one-on-one support and tailor activities to meet individual learning styles and needs.
  • Interactive Learning Experiences: We employ a mix of instructional techniques, including interactive discussions, project-based learning, and hands-on activities, to keep children engaged and motivated.
  • Cultivating Critical Thinking: Our program emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing children for future academic challenges.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert Educators: Our team of educators is not only experienced in teaching but also in identifying and nurturing the individual strengths of each child.
  • Collaborative Environment: We foster a collaborative learning environment where children are encouraged to share ideas and learn from each other.
  • Regular Progress Updates: Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress and are an integral part of the learning journey.
  • Flexible and Inclusive: Our program is flexible and adapts to the changing needs of children, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Join Our Language and Learning Stars Family! Empower your child’s language and academic journey with the Language and Learning Stars Program!

Enroll your child in our program and give them the advantage of a comprehensive language and academic support system. To learn more or to schedule a visit, please contact us at [email protected].

Frequency: Classes are scheduled 2 times per week for 2 hours, providing a balance between intensity and allowing ample time for practice and reinforcement. 


  • PM Classes for Language and Learning Stars: 1:00-3:00


  • PM Classes for Language and Learning Stars: 1:00-3:00


  • $200 per week

Registration Fee: To secure your child’s place in our “Language and Learning Stars” program, we require a non-refundable registration fee of $100. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with enrolling your child and preparing for their participation in our enriching summer program. Please note that this registration fee is separate from the tuition costs and is required at the time of enrollment. 

Additional Services: For parents who wish to have their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) reviewed to better integrate their specific goals into our summer program, we offer this service for an additional fee of $50. This ensures that our program is tailored to meet the unique needs of your child, aligning our activities and strategies with their specific educational objectives.

To learn more about our program or begin the enrollment process, please contact us at [email protected]