PreK Programs (Ages 4-5)

Welcome to The Spark Center Prekindergarten! 🌟📚✨

Building Foundations for Future Academic Success

At the Spark Center, we understand the importance of a strong educational foundation. Our Prekindergarten program is tailored for children between the ages of 4 and 5, focusing on equipping them with the essential language and academic skills necessary for success in Kindergarten, whether in a public or private school setting.

Our Comprehensive Learning Approach:

  • Language and Literacy Development: Emphasizing reading, writing, and communication skills to build a strong foundation in literacy. We use research based curriculum Fountas and Pinnell’s continuum of literacy and Heggerty Phonemic Awareness to supplement. Through interactive read-alouds, small groups and guided reading groups, children are provided tools to develop critical thinking and comprehension. We focus on translating this to communication skills.
  • Mathematics: Introducing concepts and academic language (sorting, measurement, addition, subtraction) and problem-solving skills to develop early mathematical understanding.
  • Social Skills: Focusing on cooperation, sharing, and empathy to build positive relationships and emotional intelligence.
  • Music and Movement: Integrating music into our curriculum, we encourage children to engage in songs, finding their “singing voices” and rhythm skills.
  • Play-Based Learning: We emphasize play-based learning as a key approach to developing communication skills. Through imaginative and interactive play, children naturally improve their language and social skills.
  • Creative Exploration: Artistic activities provide children with opportunities to express themselves while building vocabulary and descriptive language abilities.
  • Safe and Nurturing Environment: Our classrooms are safe havens where children can explore, learn, and grow with confidence.
  • Individualized Support Led by Degreed and Certified Educators
    • For Children with Autism: Tailored approaches to support communication, social skills, and sensory integration.
    • For Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children: Incorporating visual aids, auditory/oral teaching strategies used with children with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants
    • For English Second Language Learners: Specialized language support to enhance English language acquisition while respecting and integrating their home language and culture.

Daily Activities Include:

  • Interactive daily meetings (circle time) for group learning, social skills and language engagement.
  • Shared and guided reading groups
  • Phonics instruction
  • Structured and Free Play to encourage social and language skills.
  • Art and Music activities to stimulate creative expression and auditory skills.
  • Read Alouds to cultivate a love for reading and listening comprehension.
  • Scheduled Movement Breaks to keep children active and focused.

Prepared for Kindergarten and Beyond:

At the Spark Center, we are deeply aware of the expectations placed on Kindergarteners and first graders in today’s educational landscape. Our experienced educators use proven strategies and engaging activities to ensure that each child is not only prepared for the academic challenges of Kindergarten but also develops a love for learning.

What Sets Our Program Apart:

  • Tailored Learning Experiences: We recognize the uniqueness of each child and adapt our teaching methods to meet their individual learning styles.
  • Interactive and Engaging Activities: Our sessions are designed to be both fun and educational, keeping children engaged and excited about learning.
  • Focus on Readiness: We emphasize all aspects of school readiness, from academic skills to social and emotional preparedness.
  • Experienced Educators: Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to nurturing and developing every child’s potential.

Duration: Program runs for an academic school year and starts the week of August 12 and ends the week of May 19, 2025. We follow Prosper ISD calendar, see school calendar for holidays.

Frequency: Parents have the option to enroll their child for 2, 3 or 5 days a week for 3 hours. 

AM Classes for School Year Spark Learners 8:15AM-11:15AM

PM Classes for School Year Spark Learners 12:15PM-3:15PM

School Year Program Options and Pricing Per Month:

1. Two Days a Week Program (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)

  • Cost: $800
  • Ideal for families seeking a part-time engagement in our enriching environment.

2. Three Days a Week Program (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

  • Cost: $1200
  • A balanced approach for more comprehensive learning and social interaction.

3. Five Days a Week Program (Monday-Friday)

  • Cost: $1600
  • Our most immersive experience, ideal for maximum exposure to our educational and developmental activities.

Note: Tuition covers all program materials, activities, weekly communication log and one phone conference call.  You may decide to discontinue services at any time; however, we do require a 30-day written notice.

Registration Fee: To secure your child’s place in our “School Year Spark Learners” program, we require a non-refundable registration fee of $100. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with enrolling your child and preparing for their participation in our enriching summer program. Please note that this registration fee is separate from the tuition costs and is required at the time of enrollment. 

Flexible Payment Options: We offer a range of payment plan options. Please contact us to discuss a plan that works best for your family.

Join Us on the Journey to Kindergarten:

Enroll your child in the Spark Center Prekindergarten Program and take the first step towards their bright academic future. To learn more about our program or to schedule a visit, please contact us at [email protected]

Let’s ignite the spark of learning in your child and prepare them for a successful transition to Kindergarten!