Emily Lemon

Brief info

Emily is a licensed speech language pathologist. She earned her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from The University of North Texas. She has worked as a school-based SLP for 11 years before moving into private practice in 2023.

Emily’s focus is primarily with elementary school aged children with communication disorders including autism spectrum disorder, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD, speech sound disorders, receptive and expressive language disorders, social communication disorders and stuttering. Additionally, Emily has extensive experience with working with students using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and she is trained in PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).

Emily’s passion is building functional communication, as this is directly related to managing challenging behaviors. She believes in building strong relationships with the children she works with and their families, so they can have a foundation for growth and success. She absolutely loves being a speech therapist, because she is able to give her clients a voice and the confidence to use it!